Knowing how to focus your attention to grow your business is essential for consistently getting clients.

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My name is Carrie LaDue and I help awakened entrepreneurs create the financial freedom they desire so they can do matters most to them - help others. The methods in this free kit are the exact ones I used to generate 6 figures within my first year in business.

Here’s good news: once you get the clarity and the high-vibe confidence you’re looking for, attracting quality clients will become a seamless process!
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With the High-Vibe Business Planning Kit you’ll discover…
  • ​​​How to focus your energy with intention each and every day
  • ​​The real reason you think goal setting is overwhelming & how to overcome this
  • ​How to set a clear intention and turn it into easy to-do actions that get results
  • ​Proven, high leverage strategies I have taught business owners just like you
  • ​How to get more clients and keep them
The High-Vibe Business Planning Kit: Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Clients has everything you need to grow your business. 

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"Goal setting and action planning for my business seemed overwhelming and confusing and I didn't know how to get clients. Now, thanks to Carrie, I have a direction, a plan of action, tasks and goals to keep me focused. Carrie has such clarity and experience breaking things down into steps so there isn't any feelings of overwhelm. She encourages me through each step, and has terrific suggestions on different ways to approach stumbling blocks I’m facing in business. With Carrie's direction and vast knowledge of the business world, I now have a greater clarity and confidence and more clients!"  - Raphaela McCormack

"I had a lot of plans and ideas but was not implementing them, and that chaos was creating time scarcity and lack of actually being productive. I was really struggling to find my focus and stay focused during the workday, but I didn’t know why my business wasn’t working and what I was doing wrong.
Now, I feel much more confident, organized and focused. I have re-established my morning routine and it feels amazing. I feel energized for the day and have a different energy from the inside out. The way Carrie looks deep into your soul and releases stuck energies means that any person who works with her will experience the transformation they need most. My experience was profound. I’m showing up differently for myself and others. I now see my future experience unfolding as if I am living it now. " -Irene McKenna

"The day after my session with Carrie, I woke up with a new confidence, booked 5 discovery calls, booked 1 client at the highest dollar amount yet, and have 1 more who I'm pretty confidence is going to work with me.  It was awesome!!"
​- Gina Mitidiero
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